About LoveAndBikinis.com

At Love & Bikinis we design and create Neoprene,Italian Velvet, Lycra Nylon Bikinis with a fun aesthetic that is bold, forward thinking and will ultimately create a statement for all those travel babes.

Inspired by a combination of tropical beaches and independent young women who love to travel;  Love & Bikinis sets out to engineer high quality neoprene, Italian velvet and lycra bikini collection consisting of bold neon colors.  Most importantly, our swimwear is carefully designed with strong attention to our high quality fabrics.
Welcome to our world! 

We are really passionate about our brand and will like to share it with other bikini Babes like yourself.

Our goal is to empower the woman of this world and make them feel beautiful at the same time.

No matter how your body looks always remember that you look amazing. Don’t let anyone tell you different!


We Strongly Believe in Our Mission

What we think determines what we feel and what we feel determines what we do.

LoveAndBikinis.com is on a mission to provide ladies affordable great quality neoprene, velvet nylon and lycra bikinis by diminishing the gap between the manufacturers and our customer.

LoveAndBikinis.com is determined to provide our customers the best neoprene,velvet and lycra bikinis.


About the Co-Founders

The LoveAndBikinis.com idea started by two sisters in July 2017. A month later, they started buying inventory, getting friends to model, finding photographers, building social media pages, and designing the web page. Two months later, they launched LoveAndBikinis.com along with all social media.

Now Love and Bikinis is stocked in more than 30 retailers through across the United States.




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