About Us


Love & Bikinis is a female owned business founded in 2016. After various failed businesses and many years in corporate america, the founders ultimately came accross the idea of selling bikinis online.

The Beginning

The Middle


After working with multiple fabrics and designs, the founders came across the crinkle fabric and became obsessed with the concept of "one size fits most."

Q&A from the Founders

"Working full time in a low paying white collar job and trying to make our business work on the side."

"One of us got laid off from work due to COVID. It was scary because we were dependent on that income for the production of our product. But we suddently had a lot of time to dedicate to our business and it just shot up from there."

"Continue working with the crinkle fabric and developing new styles. We don't do anything other than Love & Bikinis, and we love it. It is very rewarding to see women of all shapes and sizes be able to go online and have one option and not wonder if the bikini will fit. I mean, that literally applies to us."


Love & Bikinis wants women to feel beautiful, confident and empowered when wearing our swimwear.