About Love and Bikinis

Love and Bikinis is on a mission to disrupt the swimwear market by bringing to market one size swimwear. Through research and development, we have engineered and created a bikini that is one size.

With our signature crinkle fabric, not only have we created a swimsuit that is one size, but also the same swimsuit will fit size small, medium and large. Because of the stretch-ability of our crinkle fabric, our bikinis will mold to your body's shape and size.

Our crinkle fabric comes in a tubular form. Because of this, we are able to produce swimwear without any side seams. Not having side seams on the swimwear, gives the fabric the ability to stretch very well. Also due to the fabric's great elasticity, the swimwear will return back to its original size after being worn.

Love and Bikinis wants women to feel beautiful,confident and empowered when wearing our swimwear. Our goal is for women to feel proud of their bodies when wearing Love and Bikinis swimwear. And what better way, than providing the market one size bikinis.

We have eliminated the stressful shopping experience women face of finding a two piece bikini for which both the top and bottom will be able to fit.

Now you can feel comfortable knowing that the girl sitting next to you at the beach, is wearing the same size swimsuit as you.